About Us


Ruian European Union Fashion Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Zhejiang Wanlian Clothing Co., Ltd, was established in 2003.

Through more than ten years of development, Zhejiang Wanlian Clothing Co., Ltd, has become the one of the most famous 

makers of PU jackets in China, and the PU jackets produced by the company have been sold all over the world in countries

 like the United States, France, Italy,Korea, Spain, Brazil, and Germany. The company has played an important role and has

an important voice in the PU leather of ladies fashion in the foreign market. In 2009, the new building of Zhejiang Wanlian

Clothing Co., Ltd, was built in a 10,667 square-meter area in Henghe Industrial Zone, Feiyun, Ruian City, and the total

investment was 16 million RMB. There are larger sites, more advanced facilities and better way of management to better

serve their customers in this new building. The company has developed into a successful enterprise, has 300 employees,

and could produce more than 800,000 PU jackets every year. Through more than ten years of development, the company

 has entered into the international high-end market from the domestic market and developed into a specialized manufacturer 

of PU leather jackets from making mass clothing. Moreover, the company technology is getting more and more sophisticated;

the complete system is established; the service stands to align with international standards. The company has a core idea of

developing and manufacturing new-fashioned PU leather jackets . Because the company had a great management team,

good internal culture, creative artists, and a talented technical team, the company could lay a solid foundation for forming

the company brand. Zhejiang Wanlian Clothing Co., Ltd. always adheres to the motto, “more fashion, pay less." The company

supplies fashionable cloth for their customers at a reasonable price. In recent years, every PU jacket that they have produced

is very popular on the market and gains the favor of cooperation partners and customers. Because Zhejiang Wanlian has the

updated design concepts and efficient production for making PU leather jackets, he had established the strategic cooperation

relationship with any well-known brand at home and abroad, like Forever 21,  Bebe, AMEREX, MDC, YEST, MELE, ZUIKI, TIARA,